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May 6th, 2019
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The 2018-2019 Leadership Consultants are officially off the road. All together, they went on over 350 chapter visits and took over 800 flights. Their biggest accomplishment, however, is the impact they made on our collegiate women. Here’s what each of these rock stars had to say about their experience:

Tara Innab

Can’t travel without: my pillow

Favorite airport snack: Smart water and Cheese-Its

Biggest lesson learned: Sometimes the most “impact” can be made just by listening and not saying anything. People sometimes don’t need you to respond or give them a perfect solution, they just want to be heard. And on another note, I learned that patience is the most important skill to have while traveling- sometimes the travel delays tested my limits!

Iona Kearney

Can’t travel without: portable phone charger 

Favorite airport snack: SkinnyPop and Chewy Bars

This year in three words: Live for others. The entire year has really taught me the deeper meaning behind our open motto. Getting to see sisters from all over the country constantly empowering and pushing each other to be their very best while supporting them at their very worst has truly inspired me and showed me how much can be accomplished when you live for others!

Quinn Moran

Can’t travel without: iPad

Favorite airport snack: Goldfish 

Favorite memory: Singing Dancing Queen at the top of my lungs at LSU Bid Day after surviving recruitment and bringing home 90+ sweet new amazing Alphas 

Alli Winkeler

Can’t travel without: my steamer

Favorite airport snack: Diet Coke & a bag of pretzels

This year in 3 words: Truly unforgettable year. This year and perspective reshaped what I value, how I lead, and the way I view ADPi. All I can say is thank you to each and every woman on the road and back home who made this the experience of a lifetime! 

Ashlenn Wellbrock

Can’t travel without: shower shoes

Favorite airport snack: Chick-Fil-A

Favorite memory: nights at EO with LC Pals 

Bailie Sparks

Can’t travel without: Stuffed animal bunny my nieces gave me- her name is Nugget! 

Favorite airport snack: Auntie Anne’s pretzels with cheese dipping sauce

This year in 3 words: Self-empowering, challenging, FUN!

Savvy Moore 

Can’t travel without: Skincare items 

Favorite airport snack: Smart Pop and Sugarfree Redbull

Biggest lesson learned: You can’t fill up other peoples bucket unless your bucket is full

Kelsey Pasco

Can’t travel without: My SLEEPSACK- It is basically a sheet that is in the shape of a sleeping bag so that no matter where I have to sleep at night, I know it will be clean! 

Favorite airport snack: Chocolate Sea Salt RXBar and a Smartwater

Biggest lesson learned: The words you say and your actions, big or small, can make a huge impact on others. There are countless sisters, advisors, IOs, staff members and other individuals I have met on the road that have all touched me in some way, and I trust that this year I was able to impact some of those I had the pleasure of working with as well. A sweet compliment, a smiling good morning greeting, or a thoughtful note all really meant the world to me throughout my travels. Oh, and I learned to always say yes when someone asks if you want to go on an adventure! 

Frankie Miller

Can’t travel without: My blanket

Favorite airport snack: Chick-Fil-A fries

Favorite memory: Theta Zeta recruitment was so fun! I got to spend two weeks with them in Lexington, and I loved getting to know them better and helping with the recruitment process. Thanks for being so fun, TZ!

Hannah Lambert

Can’t travel without: My jean jacket 

Favorite airport snack: Goldfish and Kind Bars (thanks Delta) 

Biggest lesson learned: You never know when a meal, a karaoke sisterhood, recruitment prep, or game night will become a forever memory or the start of a new friendship. I learned to keep my eyes wide open in the everyday, mundane moments because these moments would end up bringing me the best memories, friendships, and experiences. 

Rachel Minter, 2019-2020 Senior Leadership Consultant

Can’t travel without: Headphones

Favorite airport snack: Smart Water

Favorite memory: The family dinners and late night house party calls with all the other consultants – getting to talk with all of them at the end of the day, hear about their day and tell them about mine, and creating such close relationships with them. 

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