A Sisterhood from Coast to Coast

Our landscape has rapidly changed in a short amount of time. How we do sorority right now may look different, but our why hasn’t changed. Alpha Delta Pi is committed to providing opportunities for members to engage and resources to adjust to our temporary “new normal”. Remember, Alpha Delta Pi is a sisterhood from coast to coast, and you have a friend in every town—even when those friendships must be cultivated from a distance. We’ve been here for you since 1851, and we’re here for you now.



Virtual Engagement Resources

Alpha Delta Pi has a series of resources available for members to help navigate the transition to a virtual space.

Building Community in Virtual Spaces

Alpha Delta Pi is committed to providing ways for members to engage and learn together throughout all stages of membership. 

Be the First Webinar Series

Be the First Webinar Series provides space to put yourself first and develop YOU in a variety of ways. Each session, a different speaker will lead a conversation to help you learn something new, develop and enhance your skills, connect with sisters, and grow through virtual community.

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Facebook Groups

Alpha Delta Pi has two Facebook groups providing space for members to engage with one another. Click an image below to request to join.

Alpha Delta Pi alumnae

The goal of the Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae Online Community is to build a network of ADPi alumnae from all chapters to share resources and opportunities.

Alpha Delta Pi Book Club

The Alpha Delta Pi Book Club is an online community for all members to read a new book each month and engage in virtual conversation.