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Alpha Delta Pi is pleased to announce a new partnership with Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI). In early 2021, PCI will mail postcards to all members of the sorority in an effort to ensure our data is as correct and complete as possible. The postcard will include a phone number to call and confirm your contact information as well as how much or little you want to be made available to others. Once they have completed the data-gathering process, they’ll design and print a hardbound directory that will be available for purchase.

You are under absolutely no obligation to make a purchase; your name and information will be included in the directory regardless of whether you buy a copy for yourself. We encourage everyone to call in as soon as they get their postcards so we can complete the project and clean our data as quickly as possible. Rest assured that PCI will not use or sell your personal information to any third parties.

I received an email/postcard/phone call from a company asking for my personal information and indicating they were working with Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. Is this a legitimate project or is it a scam?

It’s legit! We have partnered with PCI (also known as Publishing Concepts) to produce our new alumnae directory. PCI is a family-owned business based in Dallas, Texas, that has published directories for educational institutions, fraternities, sororities, and military organizations across the nation for almost 100 years.

This project allows Alpha Delta Pi Sorority to receive important updates to our database so we can better serve our members.

Does Alpha Delta Pi Sorority benefit from this at all?

Yes, in a few different ways:

  1. Updated Information – allows us to effectively communicate with and engage members
  2. Legacy – preserves the history of our organization
  3. Revenue – generates non-dues revenue for sorority programs
  4. Pride – wearing ADPi merchandise shows support and love for our sorority

How will my Payment benefit Alpha Delta Pi?

You may be asked for a contribution to Alpha Delta Pi’s Center of Excellence Fund or a gift to the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation or both.

Alpha Delta Pi’s Center of Excellence Fund provides for the development of critical resources for chapters and alumnae associations.

  • Includes training events such as the Recruitment and Marketing Advisor Academy and printed resources with recruitment guidance and best practices.
  • Funds special alumnae projects such as regional gatherings – once pandemic restrictions are lifted – and the development of special resources for young alumnae upon their graduation.
  • Supports new programming initiatives for members such as officer training and development.
  • Covers expenses associated with in-person and virtual training and education events.
  • Provides additional tools and resources for all chapter programming areas such as academics, finance, recruitment, housing, membership experience, Panhellenic, and learning & development.
  • Contributions to the Center of Excellence are not tax-deductible.

The Alpha Delta Pi Foundation:

  • Accepts tax-deductible gifts to support efforts in education, leadership, and service in Alpha Delta Pi.
  • Provides funding for leadership education opportunities for our collegiate leaders and alumnae volunteers.
  • Provides funding for resources in the continued fight to prevent hazing, as well as to support programs to support mental wellness and to address sexual and relationship misconduct, binge drinking, and bullying.
  • Provides funding for the preservation of our history through both physical and digital archives.
  • Awards more than $200,000 in undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education scholarships.
  • Supports members in financial distress with alumnae and collegiate emergency grants.

Both the Center of Excellence Fund and the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation are separate from the Annual Alumnae ReMember Dues.

How does this work for international sisters?

Sisters in the United States will receive postcards and emails from PCI throughout the campaign, along with phone calls if needed. Sisters in Canada will receive emails requesting they update their data. When you respond to PCI and update your information, you will receive a follow-up email with a link to review and update your information, if needed. Toward the end of the campaign, all sisters who have not responded, including sisters living outside of the US and Canada, with a valid email address, will receive up to two emails asking for participation. These will include a link to update your information online in preparation for printing the directory.

How do I know my information will only be used for directory purposes?

PCI and Alpha Delta Pi are committed to protecting your information. The names, addresses, and information provided to PCI for the publication of the directory will be held confidential by PCI, except to the extent that they are utilized in, or in the preparation of, the print and electronic directories, to update Alpha Delta Pi’s database of record, and except as required by court order or law. Upon completion of the project, PCI will redact PII (Personal Identifiable Information) from any and all electronic files that we have supplied or were produced by PCI in connection with the production of the directory.

I would like to verify or update my information. How may I do this?

  • If you received a postcard or an email with a telephone number, you may call the number to speak with a real, live human being representing the Alpha Delta Pi directory project. They will verify the information we have on file for you and make any updates where needed.
  • If you received an email with an embedded link, simply click the link to go to the online site to review your information.

Can I choose what information prints in the directory?

When you call to update your information, you can tell the representative if you prefer any of your information be excluded. You can also communicate your preferences to PCI’s customer service helpdesk at 1-800-982-1590 / customerservice@publishingconcepts.com or to the sorority directly.

Can anyone purchase a directory?

The Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Alumnae Directory is available for sale only to Alpha Delta Pi alumnae. Your name and chapter will be listed in the directory even if you do not provide updated contact information or you decide not to purchase a copy.

I ordered a directory/package over the phone and would like to cancel my order. How do I do this?

Contact PCI’s customer service helpdesk at 1-800-982-1590 / customerservice@publishingconcepts.com and they will take care of this for you.

Still have questions for Alpha Delta Pi?

Email Executive Assistant Margaret Schauwecker at margaret@alphadeltapi.com or call (404) 952-2286.