What do you do?

October 1st, 2018
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by Quinn Moran, Pi – Iowa State University

To the person sitting next to me on this airplane;


Hello! We’ve probably already exchanged a few awkward glances, but hopefully things are starting off smoothly as you’re sharing the arm rest with me. In the next few hours, our worlds will collide for a brief instance, only to resume as scheduled when we exit into the terminal. And inevitably, at some point during this flight, we will speak to one another. The typical airplane conversation will ensue; where are you from, where are you headed and what are you doing. And without a doubt, our careers will be mentioned and you will ask me the age old question, “What do you do?” And when that question inevitably comes up, I’ll have to smile to myself for a brief moment, because whether you believe it or not, I have one of the best jobs in the world.


I wear a lot of different hats in this role. Most of the time, I would consider myself a resource; someone to ask questions to, bounce ideas off of, or just someone to listen. I would also call myself a mentor; I want nothing more than the individuals I work with to succeed, to accomplish their goals and aspirations, to be proud of who they are and how far they’ve come. Sometimes I act as a mother and wipe tears on tough days, other times I’m the best friend you need to hype you up before the big interview. Not only do we talk about “work,” but also about our personal victories and limitations. I’ve heard many stories of heartbreak, the true friend, the one that got away, and the happily ever afters.


I’ve been called a road warrior, compared to the popular reality TV show of Super Nanny, and asked many times what my “actual” job is. I live out of two suitcases, my commutes consist of many aimless walks around new places where I pray I don’t get lost, and I’m fueled by iced coffee and passion – a passion to impact and inspire young women to be their best and most complete selves. To not be afraid to fail and fall, and have someone to pick them back up and encourage them to keep fighting. In my job I get to become a small part of  so many incredible stories; stories of strength, comebacks, setbacks, and victories. I’m a mentor, friend, mother, sister, cheerleader, advocate, and ally… but my official title is a Leadership Consultant.


When I share my career with individuals, there’s a number of things that may happen. Some people are intrigued, and want to know more. Others dismiss me because of my age and could care less about the work I do. Sometimes I even find the argumentative stranger who wants to discuss the feats of Greek life with me while we are 30,000 feet in the air. But no matter what kind of person I sit next to on the airplane, there is one thing that never changes about the message I’m sharing: My name is Quinn. I am a Leadership Consultant, and I work with the women who are going to change this world for the better.


These strangers may not understand the ways that sorority enriches the lives of so many, and how our philanthropic endeavors impact the lives of others. They may assume that the women I work with live to party and thrive off of drama. They may only know the perception of Greek life portrayed through the media. And unfortunately, I cannot deny that these stereotypes and perceptions exist, and that they are valid, because in some cases, those perceptions have become a reality.


What I can do is share my experience, my stories, and the legacy that my women are leaving on this world. I can tell them that my women are organizing a fundraiser to raise awareness against hazing in support of a fellow sister; I would also mention that this group of women have one of the most unconditional and selfless sisterhoods I have ever witnessed. Or that one day, a women I have worked with will no doubt be a member of the Supreme Court, working for justice and equality in our world. Or that the future is so bright, because I have met the women who will shape the minds of children across the country as teachers. The list goes on and on, because I have seen the hearts and passions of so many invigorating and captivating young women. And with each new woman I meet, I grow a little better and stronger, a little more passionate and knowledgeable, and I carry new lessons with me. I am told that I am making an impact, but little do these women know, they’re the ones changing my life each day.


So to the individual sitting next to me on this airplane: fasten your seat belt, because this “sorority girl” knows that beyond a doubt, the women I meet and support are most certainly going to change this world.


(And I want these women to know, that I love them unconditionally and could not be more proud of them. You are simply remarkable.)

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