Dear Senior Thinking About Applying to #BeanLC…

September 24th, 2018
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by Tara Innab, Alpha Theta – University of Washington and 2018-2019 Leadership Consultant

Dear Sister,


Wherever you are reading this blog, you may be one of many people. Maybe you are the sister who just loves everything about ADPi. Maybe you’re a sister who had an officer position and still has passion to give back to our sisterhood. Maybe you never once considered applying to be a Leadership Consultant (LC) or don’t even know what an LC is or what they do. And maybe you have secretly wanted to be an LC since your chapter’s first visit when you were an Alpha member (yes sister, I see you!). Whoever you are, I hope sharing my experience can give you a glimpse into the life of an LC and the leap I took to apply for this amazing job.


My name is Tara, and I have the privilege of serving Alpha Delta Pi as a Leadership Consultant for the 2018-2019 school year. I came home to ADPi in the Fall of 2014 at our Alpha Theta Chapter at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. From the types of women I described above, I was maybe a mix of each at this time last Fall. I looked up to the prior consultants that I met, I secretly knew that being a Leadership Consultant was my dream job, and I also had a lot of questions and a lot to learn about the job. I could not be more thankful that I took a leap of faith and applied, and I hope all you seniors reading this will consider applying as well! Each day on the road is an adventure, and not many words can be used to sum up this job as a whole. However, in my short few months on the job, I have compiled a few tips and items to consider if you’re a sister looking to apply to be a Leadership Consultant.


I think a common misconception is that Leadership Consultants have to have knowledge about all aspects of ADPi – which let me tell you applying for this job I did not have! More than memorizing small rules from officer manuals, etc. your passion for ADPi and interest in helping grow a network of strong and empowered women to carry the future of our sisterhood is where it all starts. You will be surrounded by inspiring staff members, International Officers, and alumnae volunteers who will always be a resource for you throughout your travels!


At times Consultants are put on a pedestal as being ADPis who know everything about all aspects of the organization. Let me reassure you about the countless times on the road where I did not have the answer or the perfect solution. The beauty of this job is that you get to help others learn and grow all while growing and learning yourself. So, if a challenge or room for growth is what you are looking for in your post graduate experiences, applying to be an LC is a perfect first step. In just a few short months I have learned so much about both myself AND ADPi – something I don’t think I could have done elsewhere.


Some sisters may be wondering about traveling alone or meeting new people so often. I’ll admit that that’s one of the most rewarding parts of the job, but definitely part that I thought at the beginning would be the most challenging. There are days where you land in a new city, picked up from the airport by a smiling sister, but someone who you have never met before. Developing the confidence to travel alone, and be surrounded by people you might not know super well is such a rewarding experience! The chapter women look up to you and want nothing more than to get to know you. The time you get to develop friendships and mentor the chapter women have proven to be some of my favorite. Although you may feel like you would be traveling to foreign places, the bonds of sisterhood exist wherever you go and that makes traveling so much more special!


Others might be thinking “well I did not major in something related to being a Leadership Consultant.” Let me reassure you.. that is okay! There is no particular major that is required for the job, and in fact, this year’s class encompasses everything from engineering majors, business majors, elementary education majors, to psychology majors. One of the best parts about this job is that I am surrounded by co-workers from a variety of different educational backgrounds and the training that ADPi provides, your past leadership experience, and your genuine passion for our sisterhood is what will best prepare you for the role.


In short, if you have a passion for our sisterhood and are looking to travel and make an impact on our sisterhood for years to come, I encourage you to apply to be a Leadership Consultant. The women in this organization that you’ll meet along the way will continue to inspire you and surprise you in ways you could have never imagined, and plus, what’s better than being surrounded by our amazing sisterhood and essentially applying to be a professional sorority woman?


Good luck with the rest of senior year, and happy applying (applications are due November 1 – click here)!




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