March: how can any ADPi not love a month that comes in like a lion?

March 2nd, 2018
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by Linda Ablard, Executive Director of Alpha Delta Pi

For many collegians, a March highlight is Spring break. Many will go on philanthropy trips, while others may go home or head to a beach with other sisters. We just pray that all have a safe and relaxing time that prepares them to come back to tackle the remainder of the school year and their ADPi activities like a lion.

For me, March is a very special month, as I was initiated into Alpha Omicron chapter at Oklahoma State University on March 4, 1972. Little did I know then how ADPi would change my life. My membership has given me amazing opportunities and I grabbed them all.  I was very active in the chapter, serving in many roles, including chapter president. I then served as a Leadership Consultant and have been involved on the international officer level ever since. My wish for all my sisters is that you grab all the ADPi opportunities that you can.


This year, March is the month we will select our summer interns. Once again, we have amazing applicants that are leaders in their chapters and on campus. Our EO team loves the intern program as they bring the fierce energy of a lion to our team. They contribute in countless ways, and we learn from them.  I am thankful that I get to interact with them and marvel at their capabilities. Their enthusiasm and love for ADPi makes my heart smile.


My involvement with Alpha Delta Pi has provided me with wonderful experiences and, most importantly,  it has given me dear sister-friends all over the country.

Our membership truly is for a lifetime, but it is your choice whether you make that come true. Whether you are an alumna or a collegian, it is you up to you. There are many opportunities, and I hope you will snare them like a lion. Get involved, and meet new sisters. Stay involved, and connected with your chapter sisters.

Your life will be enriched. I promise!

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