#BeAnLC, It’s Extraordinary

November 1st, 2017
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by Katie Casey, 2017-2018 Leadership Consultant

kcExtraordinary – I think that single word is the best way to describe being a Leadership Consultant for Alpha Delta Pi.

Merriam-Webster defines extraordinary as “going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary.” This job is far from usual because each day brings a new schedule, new meetings, new sisters, and overall new experiences to enjoy.

The places I’ve visited this semester have all been unique in the best ways. Since the beginning of August I’ve been to chapters in Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, and Iowa.

The best part of this job is making friends at each chapter. I love getting to talk with sisters and learn their stories. Everyone’s ADPi story is different and that’s what makes them all so wonderful. Consequently, the worst part of this job is having to leave all your new friends at the end of a visit.

No two chapters are the same but they all have something in common. Each chapter is a group of extraordinary women. I’ve met future doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, and I could go on about them forever. As a Leadership Consultant I think it’s my job to help inspire these women, and they’ve done the same for me.

KatieCasey2Being a Leadership Consultant is extraordinary because you get paid to help other ADPI sisters – what could be better? Like Maddie Landers mentioned in her post last month, recruitment is more of a season than a week when you’re on the road. I absolutely loved recruitment visits because I got to see how different chapters brand themselves on their campuses. I went to schools that had 1,400 women going through recruitment and I went to schools where 40 women were going through recruitment. That’s why this job is so fun, it’s something new everywhere you go!

Recently I’ve been helping chapters with Initiation, elections, and officer transition. I’m beyond excited for ADPi because I know a lot of extraordinary women will be taking on new officer roles soon. These sisters are extraordinary because they are willing to go the extra mile and make their chapters better than before. My one piece of advice for our collegiate chapter women is that you don’t need an officer title to have an impact on your chapter! Volunteer, join a committee, or simply help a chapter officer with an upcoming event. Everyone’s opinions and ideas matter and yours is worth sharing.

This job has been the adventure of a lifetime and I’m so grateful for the extraordinary people I’ve met along the way!

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