Does Your Daughter Want to #BeAnLC?

October 25th, 2017
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by Brett Peterson

When our daughter initially approached us about the idea of applying for a Leadership Consultant position with ADPi, my wife and I required education. Hannah said there would be a fair amount of travel, and the position would offer her the opportunity to meet and mentor young women across the United States. After speaking with women in various leadership positions and in business, who went through similar programs with other sororities, we supported her decision to apply.

We thought at a minimum, if Hannah became a Leadership Consultant, the position would allow her to polish her leadership, writing and speaking skills, while offering her the opportunity to discover and experience other parts of the United States… from an academic and business perspective.

Shortly after being told she had obtained a Leadership Consultant position with ADPi, Hannah was assigned to the west region of the United States. This required her to spend days and weeks at a time staying at a variety of colleges and universities primarily located within California, all the way into Washington State and British Columbia. This opportunity not only gave Hannah the opportunity to experience a region of the country quite different from the Midwest and southeastern United States, where she grew up, but provided her with valuable experience budgeting travel time, booking hotels, navigating airports and local freeway systems.

The most invaluable components of Hannah’s tenure as a leadership consultant were not only the numerous business experiences and projects she was able to participate, but the amount of creativity and leadership opportunities that were afforded her. Hannah organized and conducted numerous workshops, training seminars and social events at an array of universities, each which posed its own set of challenges.

Working as a Leadership Consultant for ADPi has not only given Hannah confidence in her leadership skills, but also in her abilities applicable to communications… through networking, mentoring, public speaking and writing. The amount of professional growth Hannah has been able to obtain in just one year working for ADPi, has made her decision to become a Leadership Consultant one of the wisest decisions she and we have ever made.


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    Absolutely love this parent’s perspective. Way to go. Fabulous.

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