What do Diamond Days Mean to You?

October 19th, 2017
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by Amanda Sloan, International Vice President of Collegiate Membership

One of my most memorable Alpha Delta Pi experiences took place in the winter of 2001. I was a second year Leadership Consultant, working with a colony. It came time for the colony’s Diamond Days and the culmination of the work they had put in as charter members. There were a lot of questions about Black Diamond ceremony, blue and white day, and of course, initiation. To add to the excitement, initiation would take place as a part of DLC.

The day of initiation, the colony members were able to connect with sisters from other DIV chapters to help answer last minute questions and put them at ease. These sisters served as sponsors and participated in initiation. Envision a Diamond Sister relationship – for a brief moment in time. It was magical. Once women were initiated, I was there to greet them and welcome them as sisters of Alpha Delta Pi.

My memory deepens, and I still get a chill, when I remember one particular woman. She was a bit hesitant about initiation and our ideals of Christian womanhood. She solemnly bounced out of initiation and asked me when could she “do it again.” That moment, when a new sister understands, at a deeper level, the meaning of our ritual, is the value of our sisterhood. I was happily at a loss for words.

When I finished my second year as a Leadership Consultant I lost track of this sister. It took fifteen years for us to reconnect via social media. I’m not sure I have ever shared my memory of her on that day, with her. Over the years I have shared this story with numerous other colony women when I served as Expansion Director, and with chapters when I was a Collegiate Province Director and District Team Director. I share it again now, as many sisters have been/will be initiated this fall into our sisterhood.

For me, diamond days are a time to reflect on my membership in Alpha Delta Pi. I am reminded of the friendships I made, the late nights at the Alpha Beta chapter house, the leadership roles that I took on (and that found me), and the Panhellenic and campus activities I was a part of. I also know that I am part of an extremely lucky group of sisters to have served as a Leadership Consultant, on Executive Office staff, and as an International Officer. I hope that each of you take time this fall to think back on your initiation. What do you remember from that day? Are you still in touch with sisters? Is there someone you want to reconnect with? My wish is that our ritual rings as true for you today, as it did when you first were pinned with our diamond shaped badge.


  1. wheet99 says:

    Amanda – This made me smile! As I continue to be involved with ADPi, the meaning of our ritual grows! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Teresa Good says:

    Beautifully expressed. Thank you for sharing!

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