What Does WLFEO Mean to Our International President?

August 25th, 2017
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Guest blogger: Emily Erkel

What does our motto We Live for Each Other mean to you?  They are beautiful and powerful words but the real meaning comes with the action of our sisters.

cardsnotesI’ve experienced WLFEO in two tangible ways this past year.  The first is living through grief.  My dad passed away unexpectedly last fall.  Three ADPi sisters drove to Montgomery, Alabama to attend his memorial service and hug me in person.  Calls and texts from sisters let me both laugh and cry.  And over the ensuing weeks, I received cards of sympathy and encouragement as sisters shared their personal experiences.  I felt our sisterhood and our sisters living for me across the country.

The second is living through excitement.  Since being installed as International President, I have felt sisters cheering me, Grand Council and our whole sisterhood on.  In my first two months as International President, I’ve felt our motto through sisters sharing suggestions and ideas, through staff members taking initiative to use their expertise, through alumnae members mentoring collegiate officers, through sisters calling to see how I’m doing, and through seeing Facebook friends cheer each other on and celebrate life via social media.

neciewolfeNecie Wolfe Wald, Zeta Tau, who served as our song leader during Convention 2015 while a collegiate member, sent me the first note of congratulations I received in the mail.  She shared “Congratulations on being elected as our new International President! Your quote (from installation at Convention) about leadership being a risk resonated with me.  We believe in Alpha Delta Pi and we believe in you as our leader, both on your difficult and successful days.  I’m looking forward to this next biennium with you as International President.  Leadership can feel lonely, but in ADPi, you’re never alone!”

It is a joy to never be alone as an ADPi sister!  Thank you for trusting me and cheering me on.  Keep it coming!  WLFEO!

PS – For the record, I’m doing great (with the exception of not getting enough sleep)!  I love this role and deeply appreciate the opportunity to lead, serve and learn.



  1. sandydavis1851 says:

    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us, Emily! Always cheering for you!

  2. Pat Evans says:

    Emily is a class act!

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