Meet the Senior LCs!

July 28th, 2017
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Joining the 11 first year consultants, are Senior Consultants Shelby Knutson and Sarah Beth Selph. These sisters shared with us what they got out of their first year on the road, and what made them pick their suitcases back up for round two!

Shelby Knutson


During my first year as a Leadership Consultant, I went on over twenty chapter visits, helped colonize our chapter at UC Davis, and went to two District Leadership Conferences, as well as two chapter installations. But, it wasn’t just these incredible experiences, the cool places I got to visit, or the many skills I gained that made my first year as an LC a remarkable year. It was the sisters I met and relationships I made that inspired, challenged and supported me, that made it a year I couldn’t help but want to continue.

When second semester rolled around, I started to envision what I was going to do next, and I kept going back to applying to be a Senior Leadership Consultant. I had this overwhelming feeling that my job as an LC was not over, that I still needed to grow and  give back to the organization. This next year, I am SO excited to have the opportunity to colonize our chapter at the University of North Florida! While I loved working with established chapters during my first year, there is something so special and exciting about new chapters. Introducing eager colony women to ADPi and seeing their passion for an organization they’ve only known for a short amount of time, brings me so much joy and is my favorite part of being an LC. I am ecstatic for this next year, and for all the fun, challenges and memories it will bring! Follow @unfadpi to show your support for our newest colony! #BeAnLC

Sarah Beth Selph


I will never forget the exact moment when I got the call from Annie Hardie to offer me the job of a lifetime. Little did I know that phone call would change my life. I will always cherish this past year on the road, my sisters of the suitcase I shared my experiences with, and most importantly, the incredible sisters I met along the way. I could not have asked for a more perfect year as a Leadership Consultant, so when the opportunity came to stay on for a second year I couldn’t resist.

I flew over 50,000 miles, completed 28 chapter visits, attended District IV DLC, and the installation of Iota Beta at Campbell University, but this year was so much more than that. I spent my first semester on the road traveling from chapter to chapter from recruitment visits to officer elections and everything in between. I got to go places I had never been before and some places I never thought I would be in my entire life. My second semester I began working with our Alpha Epsilon Chapter at The University of Nebraska – Lincoln (@NebraskaADPi) where I was able to witness true sisterhood, growth, and love for Alpha Delta Pi. I am beyond excited to be back in Lincoln this fall with these incredible women that I am honored to call my sisters.

After I got hired for this job spring semester of senior year I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do. For anyone who knows me it shouldn’t surprise you that of course I had a five year plan…travel, move somewhere and settle down, get my masters degree, a job, etc. My first year of travel taught me that its okay to not always know what’s around the corner and thank goodness I went against my five year plan because I couldn’t be more excited to serve Alpha Delta Pi as a Senior Leadership Consultant.

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