What to Pack for Grand Convention

June 6th, 2017
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It’s the age-old question…. what should I pack?!

Don’t worry – we have all the answers to your questions right here!

First things first – what is resort casual anyway? Resort Casual attire means dresses, slacks, casual skirts, Capri or cropped pants paired with appropriate tops, sweater sets or blouses.


You are encouraged to dress comfortably, be ready to learn and prepared to enjoy all of the activities of the 2017 summer meetings. The hotel meeting rooms tend to be a bit cool, so bring a light jacket or sweater if you get chilly.

If you will be attending Getting Fit with the Foundation, bring some workout gear appropriate to the event. Also, a bathing suit or two for your free time!

At Friday’s Alumnae Dinner, we’ll go “Down by the Sea” for a tropical beach-themed evening of sisterhood. Attire can match the theme but should be an appropriate length and not include denim.

Saturday’s Diamond Awards Banquet is the highlight of Grand Convention. The attire of the night is semi-formal. Sisters can be seen in both long and short gowns.


If you’re looking for fashion inspiration…

We have been pinning a lot of outfit inspiration for Convention on our Convention Fashion Pinterest board.

We’ve already posted about Adelphean Processional on the blog (check it out here if you haven’t seen it yet), but don’t forget to look at our Adelphean Processional Pinterest board for more ideas. Remember, your dress must be all-white with no embellishments and your shoes must also be white (but this year cork heels are allowed!)


Convention Packing Checklist

Below you’ll find the handy Packing List. This checklist is great to have when you start packing your suitcase and start planning your outfits for each day.

Now that you have your outfits packed, don’t forget…

  • Bring some cash to shop with our vendors Boutique Greek and Herff Jones. You might also want to leave room in your suitcase for your new swag.
  • Some snacks for your hotel room. There are plenty of opportunities for food at our summer meetings, but you never know when you might get a little hungry in between!
  • A power strip for extra outlet space. It’s always nice to share with a friend!
  • A camera. Your iPhone can take great photos but nothing beats a real camera to capture your Convention memories!
  • Your Ritual Book


Do you have any packing tips and tricks? Comment below!


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