Supporting Sisters in Need for 20 Years

May 8th, 2017
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I was notified that my house was now in foreclosure…

My doctors were unable to determine why I was chronically ill…

I am currently on the donor list, ready to receive a transplant as soon as one is available…

My divorce is the cause of my financial problems…

It is still difficult to grasp all that is happening. It has all happened so quickly.

These are just a few of the stories shared by alumnae sisters requesting Clasped Hands Grants in recent years.

The Alpha Delta Pi Foundation awarded the first Clasped Hands Fund grant on June 11, 1997. Seven alumnae sisters received emergency financial grants that year, a milestone made possible by generous sisters beginning at Grand Convention in 1993 and ultimately by Deen Day Sanders, Beta Sigma—Mercer University, 1952, who endowed the fund in 1997. Over the past twenty years, the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation has awarded more than $400,000 to alumnae in financial distress.

One recipient shared:

“It is with a joyous and thankful heart that I acknowledge your generous support during a very difficult time of need…. One never thinks they will find themselves in this situation, but here I am. I cannot thank you enough for your generous decision. ‘We live for each other’ brings new meaning to me on this day.”

The Foundation raises money annually for the Clasped Hands Fund through the Violets for My Sisters program, a tradition during both Grand Convention and Leadership Seminar. At Grand Convention in 2015, the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation raised more than $47,000 to help alumnae sisters in need. Sisters who had a gift made in their honor proudly displayed their appliqué violets on their nametags.violets-transparent-bg

With a gift of $5 to the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, anyone can participate in the Violets for My Sisters program, even if they’re not attending Convention. Violets in honor of sisters not attending will be mailed in July.

New This Year

The online Violets for My Sisters gift site will feature a member search feature – no more trying to remember if your recipient has two L’s in her last name or where she was initiated! Just select the number of sisters you plan to honor and click the “search” button to select your recipients!

Increase Your Impact

We strongly encourage sisters to consider making their gift for Violets for My Sisters on May 15th, during our 2nd annual day of giving. All gifts made on the www.violetsformysisters.org site during the day of giving will be counted towards our We Believe. We Give. day of giving totals!

How Do I Participate in Violets for My Sisters?

To make your tax-deductible gift to the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, visit www.violetsformysisters.org or contact the Foundation office at (404) 378-3164.


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