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January 5th, 2017
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In honor of being just 10 days away from the application deadline to be a 2017 Alpha Delta Pi Executive Office Summer Intern, we thought we’d take a moment to “throw it back” #ThrowbackThursday and have some of our past interns reflect on their time spent immersed in our sisterhood.

Since 2006, 72 undergraduate members have called Alpha Delta Pi Memorial Headquarters home. While their time spent at the office may have only been about 6 weeks, their experience made a lasting impression. Take a moment to read just how much an impact it made on these sisters.


Natalie Brewster, Phi – Hanover College

2008 Executive Office Intern


Natalie with Claire Brown Gwaltney, current Alpha Delta Pi National Panhellenic Delegate and past International President.

What Natalie is up to today: Associate Director of Student Activities for Fraternity and Sorority Life at Furman University

Alumna Involvement: Worked for Executive Office, former Standards Advisor for Sigma – University of Illinois

Undergraduate ADPi Positions: Panhellenic Delegate, RMVP, President

Did serving our sorority as an Intern prepare you for your career? If so, how?

“Yes. In fact, I think serving as an intern that summer was the first step on the path to my current career in higher education and fraternity and sorority life, even if I didn’t know it at the time.”


Michelle Ingold, Alpha Omicron – Oklahoma State University

2011 Executive Office Intern


“Go Pokes!” Michelle and her intern sisters outside Memorial Headquarters.

What Michelle is up to today: Senior Consultant, NTT Data Consulting

Alumna Involvement: Member of Dallas ADPi Alumnae Association

Undergraduate ADPi Positions: Panhellenic Delegate, FVP, Athletics Chair, Golf Tournament Chair

Did serving our sorority as an Intern prepare you for your career? If so, how?

“Yes, as an intern it is very important to stay flexible. One minute we would be working on decorations for Grand Convention and the next we would be organizing financial documents. This flexibility I use in my job everyday. Policies and procedures are always being updated and changed throughout the day, and it is important for me to stay flexible in order to lead my team to accomplish our goals and meet our client’s needs.”

Erin Flanagan Killingsworth, Epsilon Psi – Tennessee Tech

2007 Executive Office Intern


Erin assisting Linda Welch Ablard, Executive Director, at Alpha Delta Pi’s 156th Grand Convention in Danvers, MA.


What Erin is up to today: Stay at home mom and entrepreneur (Wedding Under Control CEO)

Alumna Involvement: Former Leadership Consultant, Administrative Assistant at Executive Office, IMPACT facilitator, former Advisor for Gamma Eta – Memphis University, Tau – Kansas University, and Alpha Kappa – University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Panhellenic Relations Director for District II

Undergraduate ADPi Positions: President, FVP, Finance Assistant, Property Manager, Music Chair, Intramural Chair

I was the first Intern that Executive Office hired back in 2007.  I remember my Province Director announcing at DLC that EO was offering Internships that year.  I was interested, applied, and got the position!  I was actually the only intern that year, and was allowed to live at EO during my internship because 2 outgoing LCs were moving to Atlanta and lived with me at EO while they found a place to live.  It worked out great!  Living in EO was so much fun.  The commute was fantastic – just walk downstairs and across the breezeway!  Living in a historic building like Memorial Headquarters was a very unique experience!

As the intern, I got to do a variety of projects.  Since I was a Finance major, I helped out in Financial Services quite a bit.  I cleaned out files, organized addresses in the computer system, and shadowed everyone in the Financial Services Department.  I definitely learned a lot!  2007 was a Convention year (Boston), so I got to help a lot with Convention prep!  Wow!  So much goes into planning Grand Convention.  As an undergraduate, I didn’t understand the full scope of Alpha Delta Pi until I was the Intern.  I helped pack for Convention, attended all planning meetings, made the seating chart for the business meetings, did roommate assignments, and helped sort the Convention closet in the basement.  I even found some old gifts that were no longer needed – I still have my letter opener that Sally Thomas let me keep!  After Convention, I was able to look through the Archives and help Bonnie sort through some materials.  Looking over Alpha Delta Pi’s history was amazing.  I mean, to see the handwritten minutes and to see the points of discussions from decades back was quite astounding.

Being an Intern boosted me into being involved as an alumna. Since I graduated, I’ve only taken a year and a half off from ADPi, and that was while I was getting my Masters.  Talk about #notjust4years! While at EO, I was encouraged to apply to be an LC the following year.  I’m so glad that I listened!  Being an LC taught me so many life skills: patience, thinking on the fly, making presentations, public speaking, training, recruiting, public relations, and conflict management.  I already understood how the sorority operated from a business standpoint, and I believe that that helped me for my year as an LC.

My favorite memory as an LC is getting ready for Convention.  Yes, it was stressful.  Yes, there were so many details.  Yes, I moved boxes and spent a lot of time on the ground.  But it was so unique to see all that went into prepping for Convention and was so worth it!  I’ve been fortunate to go to several Conventions since 2007, and every time, I have an appreciation for the staff and all of their hard work.  My husband was and Event Coordinator for his fraternity (Delta Chi) for a few years, and I can appreciate his experience in his former role as well!”

Courtney Korb, Gamma Rho – Arizona State University

2009 Executive Office Intern


Courtney and her intern sisters with Sally Beggs Thomas, Executive Office Member Services Manager.

What Courtney is up to today: Sales Manager at The Brad Korb Real Estate Group

Alumna Involvement: Advisor for Alpha Psi – University of Southern California

Undergraduate ADPi Positions: MVP, Panhellenic Delegate, President

While in college I had a deep love and connection to my local ADPi chapter.  I applied to be an intern to learn more about our organization on an international level.  The internship gave me the opportunity to learn more about Alpha Delta Pi on a deeper level and make friends with young women from chapter across the nation.”


Kathryn Reddic, Zeta Rho – Vanderbilt University

2014 Executive Office Intern


Kathryn throwing diamonds at the Alpha Delta Pi Memorial Fountain at Wesleyan College  in Macon, GA.

What Kathryn is up to today: Second year Master’s student in Higher Education and Student Affairs at the University of South Carolina

Undergraduate ADPi Positions: President, RMVP

“I decided to pursue a career in Higher Education, and my experiences in my chapter and as an Intern were crucial both in being accepted to Master’s programs and in securing a Graduate Assistantship. Employers were impressed by my prolonged commitment to the sorority on both a local and national level, and the skills I gained were extremely transferable.”

Megan Stroup Tristao, Alpha Gamma – University of Missouri, Columbia

2011 Executive Office Intern


Megan posing with a lion at the Alpha Delta Pi Memorial Fountain at Wesleyan College in Macon, GA.


What Megan is up to today: Public Librarian

Alumna Involvement: Former Leadership Consultant, Finance Advisor for Theta Pi – Santa Clara University, Priority One Communications Strategic Team Member

Undergraduate ADPi Positions: President, Panhellenic Delegate

“While serving as an Executive Office intern, I spent much of my time working with in the sorority’s International Archives. As a history major, I loved exploring the old artifacts and records from Alpha Delta Pi’s history; many of the items in our archive were more than 100 years old! I was also fortunate to intern during a Grand Convention year, so I helped curate items to create historical and educational displays for the big event. Years later, when I applied to Master of Library and Information Science programs, the international archivist I had worked with at Alpha Delta Pi served as one of my professional references. I graduated with my MLIS earlier this year, and I am now working full-time as a public librarian. Without my time working in ADPi’s International Archives, I may not have been inspired to get my MLIS, and though I now work in libraries instead of archives, I truly love my job and am grateful for my internship experience.”


Stephanie Zuker, Alpha Omicron – Oklahoma State University

2006 Executive Office Intern


Stephanie with Katy and Kelly, her fellow intern sisters.

What Stephanie is up to today: Valuation Coordinator at Bank of Oklahoma Mortgage

Alumna Involvement: Member of ADPi Tulsa Alumnae Association, Tulsa Area Alumnae Panhellenic Secretary, and Scholarship Advisor for Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority at NSU

Undergraduate ADPi Positions: Social Chair, Alumnae Relations Chair

“Being an intern at Executive Office was one of the highlights of my college experience. I gained some great experience that I have taken with me through my career.  It was my first office experience and helped me learn the basics of an office atmosphere.  My favorite memories of the experience was spending time with Kelly and Katy, the other interns! They were both from the Atlanta area and welcomed me into their homes, and I can’t thank them enough for that.  Kelly and I took a trip to Macon, GA, to visit Alpha Delta Pi landmarks and Katy’s family planned a great boat trip on a beautiful lake.  The Margaret Mitchell house was my favorite place to site see in Atlanta. If you love Gone with the Wind, it’s a must-see!”


Interested in becoming an Executive Office intern for summer 2017?!

Applications are due January 15th! Visit our website for more information and to apply.

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