Starting a House Corporation

Steps In Forming An Alpha Delta Pi House Corporation

Once it has been determined that a corporation should be formed, the following steps should  be taken.

a.  The Housing Resource Director for your district should be contacted for guidance. the corporation formed must be:

  • Non-stock, nonprofit.
  • Tax exempt. 
  • Classified as 501 (c)(7) under the Internal Revenue Code. This is a “social club” classification which includes Sororities, Fraternities, Country Clubs, and other Private Membership Clubs.

b.  An initial meeting should be held by four or five alumnae and several chapter officers for the purpose of applying to the state for a corporation charter.

c.  An attorney should be retained to:

  • Prepare the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for the new corporation.  (A  sample set of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws are included here.  These samples should be provided to the attorney for the appropriate language and required clauses that should be included.)
  • Guide the group through the legal regulations in that particular state.

d. The proposed Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws should be submitted to the Housing Resource Director for approval prior to adoption and filing with the state.

e. An initial meeting of the House Corporation should be set and notice sent to all Alpha Delta Pi members and alumnae of the chapter who are eligible to become members of the corporation.  The optimum time for this meeting is during a homecoming or alumnae weekend. Having it at this time will help satisfy the “social club” nature of the IRS classification. Business to be conducted at this meeting includes: 

  • Adoption of the approved articles and bylaws
  • Election of Corporation Directors and Officers
  • Appointment of committees (if needed)
  • Setting preliminary goals for the corporation
  • Voting on an initial budget

Section II, Incorporaton and Basic Operation, Item III of the Alpha Delta Pi Housing Manual

If you have questions about starting a house corporation please consult the Alpha Delta Pi Housing Manual. You can obtain a copy of the Housing Manual by going to the manuals section of this website.  For additional information please contact Executive Office.