OLD Housing

Not all Alpha Delta Pi facilities require a house corporation. In most cases, if a facility is owned & operated by the university we do not need to incorporate. Alpha Delta Pi’s policy has three situations that dictate when a House Corporation must be incorporated:

  • if the intention is to own property
  • if there is a need to sign a lease with a third-party landlord, or
  • if there will be any employees

Once incorporated, it is the responsibility of the House Corporation to manage the property, which includes the land and facility, the employees and finances, and the legal and tax ramifications. Every district has a Housing Resource Director (HRD) serving to support House Corporations in her assigned district.

By accessing Pride Online, the secure portion of the website that requires you to login, you will find corporation resources including:

  • House Corporation Manual
  • Chapter Operations Book (COB)
  • Forms
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Calendar of Corporation Due Dates

The Housing Manual holds most of the answers to your more basic questions. The Housing Manual can be found on Pride Online. In the near future, the Housing Manual will become a section of the Alumnae Operations Book, which will also be available on Pride Online. All volunteers should have the latest copy of the Housing Manual or the housing section of the Alumnae Operations Book to refer to when questions arise. It is also strongly advised that board members periodically refer back to the manual and compare it to how the house is operating.

The COB also has important information regarding chapter operations and housing. Though house corporations do not get involved in chapter operations, it is a good idea to know what the chapter is being told about its obligations. In the COB’s sections on Finance and on Housing, issues are addressed pertaining to house corporation and chapter operations and how they work together. You can download these sections of the COB from Pride Online.