Belonging – Creating an Inclusive Environment

Alpha Delta Pi is pleased to announce a new program to provide targeted, multi-faceted education and training for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Alpha Delta Pi is pleased to announce a three-year partnership with Campus Prevention Network (CPN) (formerly part of EverFi, now with Vector Solutions) to provide a targeted, multi-faceted education and training program for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). In 2017 Grand Council created a Diversity and Inclusion Committee and in 2020 named Diversity and Inclusion as a strategic priority for the organization. Since then, Alpha Delta Pi has launched the Talk About It Tuesdays education series and discussion group, created a Director of Inclusion officer role for collegiate chapters, developed member and chapter resources, provided chapter and member support through the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and district-aligned liaisons, implemented identity-based social media affinity groups, and added representatives from the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to special committees and task forces.


“We are excited for the next step in our commitment to creating a culture of belonging by offering foundational, targeted, and actionable learning opportunities to all members,” noted International President Emily Erkel. The sorority chose to work with Campus Prevention Network after comprehensive research into professional education modules utilized by peer fraternal organizations to inform their memberships on key DEIB topics. Key factors in evaluating this platform included:

  • Use of evidence-based e-learning strategies in courses.
  • Ability to view consolidated data and trends through a dashboard in real time.
  • Externally developed professional materials and resources that can be supplemented by Alpha Delta Pi as needed. The self-paced modules include interactive polls, short videos, and other learning methods proven in higher education.
  • Feedback from fraternal peers on their successful implementation and member engagement.


Campus Prevention Network’s programming is utilized by many college campuses – in addition to fraternal organizations – to educate college students on diversity and inclusion, alcohol awareness, sexual assault awareness, and hazing prevention. Their team of professional curriculum designers updates materials annually as they research and learn more on these ever-changing topics and their learners. The DEIB course purpose is to introduce university and college students to key concepts within the diversity and inclusion space. Taking a social justice approach, the courses discuss concepts such as inclusion, power, privilege, identities, and communication as well as strategies related to ally behavior, self-care, and creating inclusive spaces. By building competencies around emotional intelligence via interactive scenarios and case studies, the courses will communicate to all learners the expectations of being an engaged member of a diverse and inclusive community while providing important tools to meet said expectations. Alpha Delta Pi’s Director of Education and Programs Andrea Kleekamp said, “These courses offer strategies, tools and resources to help members understand the role they have in creating an organizational culture of belonging. Partnering with CPN allows us to deliver foundational content in an interactive and engaging way. With these foundations, learning and growth will continue with additional planned educational opportunities and resources.”


The rollout for this foundational learning through four distinct, self-paced sessions will begin in November 2021 with the availability of the student module for all collegiate members and chapter-supporting alumnae volunteers (advisors, International Officers, and house corporation officers) and staff and the professional module for all staff. Sessions will continue in the start of 2022 with the availability of the bias module for collegiate chapter officers, advisors, International Officers, house corporation officers, and staff and then into the spring with the leader module for advisors, International Officers, house corporation officers, alumnae association officers, Foundation Trustees, and standing and special committee members. Plans for fiscal year 2022-2023 include the option for all alumnae to have the opportunity to participate in the professional module. The CPN modules will be supplemented by additional educational content, webinars for discussion, and targeted resources developed in collaboration with Alpha Delta Pi’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee.


Alpha Delta Pi’s initial three-year commitment with Campus Prevention Network includes annual updates to the materials and continued participation by all stakeholders. “At a base level, all members will have a better foundational understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and how these concepts are interwoven into everyday life,” said Executive Director Amanda Sloan. She continued, “Chapter officers, advisors, international officers, and staff will develop the skills necessary to thinking critically and working with others to ensure all members of Alpha Delta Pi feel included and that they belong. Collegiate members will have a greater understanding of these topics as organizational priorities, and the CPN modules will enhance their respect for the role each member plays in building a more inclusive and welcoming culture for all members.”


Published: October 8, 2021