2018 House Corporation Award Winners

The 2018 House Corporation Award recipients were announced at Leadership Seminar this year.

Excellent communication between the house corporation and the international organization is
essential to the success of every chapter. The purpose of the Alpha Delta Pi House Corporation
Awards is to reward strong communication, fiscal responsibility, and efficient property management.

Performance awards are achieved through meeting the established criteria for the current academic
year, which require legal compliance, being fiscally sound, good communication with chapters and
District Teams, creating a safe home environment, executing a chapter-house corporation
agreement, and issuing the member dues and fees agreement.

House Corporations are also judged on a positive working relationship with the chapter,
development of a long-range capital improvement plan, development of safety upgrade plans,
efficient management of employees and staff, participation in training opportunities, and
improvements to chapter space or membership using chapter space.


Baseline: (required for all awards)

  • Legally compliant (provides evidence of all necessary legal document.)
    Fiscally sound.
  • Communicate: with chapters and IOs; annual meetings; director meetings.
  • Creates a home environment: safe, somewhere members want to live.
  • The three chapter officers are voting members of the corporation and voting members of
    the board.
  • The chapter advisor/finance advisor is an ex-officio member of the board.
  • Executes a Chapter – House Corporation Agreement.
  • Issues the member Dues & Fees Agreement.

Additional criteria:

  • Demonstrated positive working relationship with chapter (Example: Attend a chapter
    meeting to provide education about HC and the benefits provided for the chapter.)
  • Development of long-range capital improvement plan, with evidence of savings.
  • Development of fire or safety upgrade plan for facility including installation of fire sprinkler
    system (This does not apply to university-owned properties. Alternate examples include:
  • Hold tornado or intruder drills, invite local first responders to teach escape an evasion
    procedure to all chapter members, etc.)
  • Demonstrated efficient management of employees and staff.
  • Participation in Alpha Delta Pi training opportunities (Example: Attend DLC, regional or
    province HC meetings, Leadership Seminar).
  • Other demonstrated, exceptional improvement to chapter space or membership experience
    of using chapter space.

One Diamond Award: required criteria and one additional criteria
Two Diamond Award: required criteria and three additional criteria
Three Diamond Award: required criteria and four additional criteria


Three Diamond

Beta Beta – University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
Zeta Iota – Georgia College & State University
Eta – University of Alabama
Zeta Lambda – Texas A & M University
Alpha Zeta – Southern Methodist University
Gamma Iota – University of Florida
Delta Omicron – East Carolina University
Zeta Rho – Vanderbilt University
Zeta Omega – University of Central Florida
Iota – Florida State University
Alpha Omicron – Oklahoma State University
Alpha Kappa – University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Epsilon Zeta – Texas State University
Gamma Upsilon – University of North Texas


Published: July 10, 2018