Evaluation of LC Visit

TEMP - Chapter Eval of LC Visit

Instructions: This form should be completed by the Executive Committee/Board immediately following receipt of the Leadership Consultant Visit Report.

Effectiveness of the Leadership Consultant and her Visit

Please rank the effectiveness of the Leadership Consultant in relation to the specific categories. Comments may be made below.

MANAGEMENT: Plans and organizes work and meetings efficiently and effectively; resourceful *
LEADERSHIP: Stimulates and influences others to work toward a common goal; directs group effort effectively *
JUDGEMENT: Grasps total situation; thinks clearly; arrives at logical conclusions; takes appropriate actions *
SISTERHOOD: Shows an interest in learning about the chapter and members; reinforces a feeling of sisterhood in the chapter *
KNOWLEDGEABLE: Understands and explains Alpha Delta Pi policies and procedures in an effective manner *
INITIATIVE: Takes independent action with effective results; voluntarily assumes responsibility in appropriate situations *
DEPENDABILITY: Conscientious, reliable, accurate, and punctual *
TEAMWORK: Works well with chapter members; shares ideas; respects the abilities and responsibilities of others *
PRESENTATION: Is effective in her presentation skills; has good resources to share *
SOCIABILITY: Meets others easily; courteous, kind, refined in manner; socially poised and adept; well-liked *
PROFESSIONALISM: exhibits professional dress and behavior *
COMMUNICATION: written and verbal communication is timely, complete, easily understood, and respectful *
Do you feel like that objective was met? *
What type of LC visit would be most helpful to your chapter in the future? *