A Few Final Remarks from Emily Erkel

June 24th, 2022
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By Emily Erkel, Outgoing International President, Zeta Chi – Baylor University


I have GREATLY enjoyed the opportunity to serve as our International President these past five years!


Some highlights of my experience have been –  

  • Wearing the International President’s badge and passing it around to share with others during visits and conferences 
  • Talking with collegiate members during chapter visits and hearing their membership stories 
  • Partnering with Executive Director Amanda Sloan and starting each week with a joint planning call  
  • Seeing an exponential growth in ways for alumnae to engage with each other and with our sisterhood 
  • Learning about social media apps and .5 selfies from our collegiate and young alumnae members 
  • Working with fellow Grand Council members on both easy and challenging topics 
  • Seeing our Strategic Leadership Team partner on impactful projects 
  • Celebrating centennial milestones with chapters and anniversary milestones with individual members 
  • Building collaborative relationships with fellow NPC International Presidents 
  • Seeing staff and volunteers make the best decision they can given time, knowledge, and resources – and doing the same myself 


I’ve had some magical moments, some that made me cry, and some that still make me laugh. I remember visiting a chapter for their house dedication and my car being towed from the campus parking lot as they cleared it for football game parking the next day – the very kind chapter president helped me find it through the campus police department! I remember a morning walk before a Grand Council meeting at Memorial Headquarters and almost missing the start of the meeting because my fellow walking buddy and I took a wrong turn. I remember walking a chapter’s Run for Ronald Color Run and truly becoming a blue sister that day. I remember stepping to the microphone for the first time as International President and feeling the support of members and anticipation of what my legacy would become. 


While I am sad to see my term come to an end, it is good and right that others succeed us. Leaders bring new ideas, passion, and a desire to do even better for our future. For new Council members, they enter an ongoing stream of leadership and decision-making and get to continue moving our sisterhood forward.


I pass to the incoming International President and her fellow Grand Council members that you are not alone. Our members are cheering loudly for your success as you lead our shared sisterhood. You will help us continue to create an extraordinary and enriching membership experience. 


As Pauline R Kezer said, “Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights.” Here’s to continued strong roots and new branches!