Catching Up With the CSCs

October 27th, 2021
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What is a CSC, you may ask? At Executive Office, the Chapter Support Coordinators provide focused support to a portfolio of chapters within their aligned districts to prompt chapter success. Applications for two Chapter Support Coordinator positions will be live from November 10th through December 10th. Until then, hear from our four current CSCs on their experiences working on the Membership team of Alpha Delta Pi.


Lauren “Tootie” Lattier, Southern District Omega, Louisiana State University

During my time as a collegian, I was able to experience how impactful staff and volunteer support can be for chapters and individual members. I still cherish and appreciate the connections I made with staff and volunteers during my time as a chapter officer, and I wanted to be able to build connections and offer that same support to others in return.

One of my favorite parts about being a CSC is working with the other staff members at Executive Office, especially those on the Membership Team. Our staff is full of incredibly talented, smart, and creative individuals who make work feel like fun every day. The office is a super collaborative space, and I love that I have the opportunity to learn from individuals who have different and unique backgrounds, experiences, and insights in so many different industries.

Every day brings something new and exciting to the scene – it’s definitely not a boring job! I love being able to work directly with our collegiate members while also getting to collaborate on special projects with other staff members. I have been surprised and excited by the plentiful opportunities to work on projects I am passionate about while learning from others. I truly feel like I learn something new from our collegians, volunteers and staff members every day.

I have grown so much in this position in so many ways. I’ve gained a new appreciation for all that goes into the sorority experience, including the hard work and dedication that is put in by members of all levels to provide a great experience. I’ve learned many skills that make me a better employee while being reminded that membership in Alpha Delta Pi extends far past four years of collegiate membership.


Allison Ball, Central DistrictAlpha Iota, University of Pittsburg

I wanted to be a CSC because ADPi was able to provide me with such a great experience during my undergraduate years, and I wanted to be able to help provide that opportunity to other chapters. I was always inspired by our visits from the Leadership Consultants, and I’m so happy that ADPi now has a full-time staff position dedicated to chapter support that also allows us to have our hands on passion projects within the membership team.

My favorite part about being a CSC is getting to connect with the collegians – it reminds me every day that you’ll never stop making new friends and meeting new sisters in ADPi! My favorite part about the membership team is how supportive everyone is. They truly treat everyone like family, whether that’s covering for each other when we’re experiencing personal struggles or just catching up about our weekends at the beginning of our team huddles.

Something that has surprised me about this job is the fact that I love ADPi more and more every day. I thought my love for ADPi was already so immense that it couldn’t get much bigger, but I’m proven wrong every day. This organization continues to grow in worth and value to me; looking back now, it’s crazy that I thought I loved ADPi then. I had no idea what was to come, and I still have no idea what’s to keep coming. I haven’t even met all of the sisters I’m going to love and cherish, there’s so much more in store for me! So yeah, the biggest surprise was how many doors I hadn’t even begun to open before I arrived at EO.

I’ve learned a ridiculous amount about myself through this position. Whether that’s office-related stuff, like time management or effective note-taking/communication, how I best receive feedback or best contribute to group discussion, or even what it’s like living alone after making the big move to Atlanta, I feel like I’ve discovered all of these new parts of me that weren’t accessible before. These new parts have empowered me in so many ways and made me feel much more confident and prepared to take on whatever the world throws at me, whether that’s at work or elsewhere.


Victoria “Vic” Cascio, Northern DistrictEpsilon Chi, Longwood University

I always knew I wanted to be involved within the sorority in a deeper capacity after college because I was incredibly fortunate to have a transformative experience filled with fun memories, learned skills, and mutually benefitting friendships and mentorships. When the Chapter Support Coordinator position opened up, it felt like the perfect next step for me to begin contributing to the sisterhood that had given me so much; I wanted to have a hand in the organization’s growth, while also making a difference for sisters internationally. In this position, I hope to inspire collegiate women the same way so many alumni sisters, volunteers, Leadership Consultants, and Executive Office staff members have inspired me.

My favorite thing about being a part of the Membership Team as a Chapter Support Coordinator is the endless aim to develop and grow each aspect of the organization. Whether it be coaching officers 1:1, working with local chapters, creating educational resources, or partnering with our dedicated volunteers, we are always striving to better our sisterhood and make the sorority experience the most rewarding that it can be for all of our stakeholders. Aside from the work we do, being a part of this team is genuinely fun; I enjoy going to work every day because of the energized, passionate, and efficient working culture at Executive Office.

The level of involvement that we have with many different areas of the organization is something that surprised me coming into the position. Working with collegiate women is often our primary focus, but we are also faced with so many opportunities to contribute to large-scale organization projects and initiatives.

I have acquired numerous hard skills in areas I previously struggled in; specifically relating to administrative functions, technology, facilitation, and data collection/ presentation. I have also been given the space to grow exponentially in my ability to communicate effectively, collaborate with others, think creatively to solve problems and develop self-confidence.


Allyse Ketter, Western DistrictZeta Theta, Illinois State University

I wanted to be a CSC because of the support that I received when I was a collegian.  Throughout my collegiate years, Alpha Delta Pi was the group of women that believed in me and pushed me to grow within my chapter, campus, and community. It made such an impact on the course of my life that I wanted to be able to show women I believe in them like so many others did for me. I admired ADPi so much as an organization that the opportunity to be a small part of it at a bigger level was an opportunity that I could not pass up.

My favorite part about being a CSC is being surrounded by people who put their heart into their work. I’ve never been in a job where my coworkers are so passionate about what they do and it makes my love for my position and ADPi grow every day. I also love being able to work with our volunteers and learn from their wealth of experience and knowledge. It’s been amazing to see firsthand how many people play a part in making Alpha Delta Pi what we know and love.

I didn’t expect this job to involve so much more outside of directly meeting with collegians. The support we provide chapters extends farther than virtual or in-person visits, it’s the CSCs brainstorming to solve issues that multiple chapters may be facing, developing resources that will help officers in their positions, and joining projects to share what’s currently happening within chapters. It surprised me that our support comes from so many different angles but it’s one of my favorite parts about our role.

In this position, I’ve learned about what I want in my career. At the end of my senior year, I was applying to a wide range of jobs in a handful of different fields. This job has shown me different aspects of a career that I really enjoy and appreciate, such as the care that each person has for their teammates and the freedom to explore ideas that interest you. I’m so glad that my first job post-graduation is one that never stops encouraging me to grow, learn, and make a difference.