Living (And Giving) For Each Other

November 27th, 2020
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Jane Fiedler Madio

By Jane Fiedler Madio, Gamma Omicron—Susquehanna University

Have you ever had a loved one go through something and feel helpless? Earlier this year, I had that experience. I watched someone I love who is filled with passion, dedication, and sheer exhilaration go through a really dark time. And I simply didn’t know how to help, what to say, or what to do. It saddened me to watch this individual face tragic, life changing circumstances and to see their pain.

I didn’t talk about it much, but when a dear Alpha Delta Pi sister called and asked how I was, I shared openly and honestly how I was feeling. This sister also happens to be the president of the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation. Within a day, I received an email message telling me about a resource that’s available to sisters and an encouraging note that made me decide to check it out. Here’s what she wrote:

“I wanted to share something with you that may be helpful. As you may know, our Foundation funds a grant to provide a mental health platform called Behind Happy Faces. It is an online resource that is available through the Pride Online Library. All alumnae can access it, even though it is officially titled ‘Alumnae Volunteer Series.’ I mention this, because the content is geared toward supporting someone else (i.e., a collegian) navigating a situation. I imagine that the content would be transferable to any situation. Also, there is a piece on taking care of others while also caring for self. And, there will be additional online modules coming later this year, so the course will further expand. I mention this because maybe it will provide a tool for you as you help support your loved one. I know it isn’t easy.”

I did check out the alumnae volunteer series and found the material to be most helpful and will continue to look forward to more episodes.

As one of the founding Board members for the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, I know the importance of supporting the Foundation, especially the Foundation’s Annual Fund to help wherever the need is greatest. As someone who invests in the Foundation, I also want to know how my gifts are being used. This experience gave me insight, and I can see firsthand the impact of my support.

Most importantly, feeling the love and concern of sisters has helped me to weather this current storm.