Which Foundation Trustee are you?

August 24th, 2018
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Each one of the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation’s Trustees brings something a little different to the table and collectively they make an amazing team that drives the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation. Just like you, our Trustees are passionate about different areas that can be supported with Foundation contributions. Take the quiz to find out which trustee you’re most like and what part of the Foundation you might be most passionate about!




Which leadership position would you most want to have?

It's Tuesday night. Where are you at?

What is your favorite part about being an Alpha Delta Pi?

Which extracurricular college activity would you most likely participate in?

What is your favorite sisterhood activity?

Where are you going on spring break?

Pick a place to live

Which Foundation Trustee Are You?
Tracy Garner, President (Zeta Omicron, Georgia Tech)
You are the captain of this ship. You serve on exec for ADPi and maybe a few other on-campus orgs. Your biggest goal is to lead your sisters down the right path and encourage them every step of the way. You’ve attended DLC and Leadership Seminar or Grand Convention and always bring back something to share with your sisters. As a Foundation donor, you might be interested in helping others have a leadership experience in Alpha Delta Pi and give to one of our chapter leadership funds. No wonder you're such a Tracy!
Barb Kunkel, Vice President of Finance (Delta Kappa, Pennsylvania State University)
You can list all our founders plus their birthdays. When it comes to ritual, you’re the chapter expert. You love to go through the old scrapbooks in your house and have probably read up on your chapter’s history on the online archives. When it comes to giving back, you want to make sure others understand Alpha Delta Pi’s place in history and support the archives or history education endowed funds. You know where we came from is important, that’s why you’re a Barb.
Kathy Cashin, Vice President of Scholarships and Grants (Iota, Florida State University)
Ambitious, motivated, and organized. When you’re not hanging with your sisters, you’re in the library preparing for that next quiz or maybe tutoring an Alpha member. You’re the first to make an announcement that scholarship applications are open (in November!) and encourage all of your sisters to apply. When you give, you have a hard time choosing just one scholarship fund to get behind. It’s no wonder you’re a total Kathy!
Pat Pratt (Alpha Kappa, University of Tennessee - Knoxville)
Whether it’s a philanthropy event, study tables, or setting up for a recruitment round – you’re there. You know your sisters’ visions and you help anywhere you are needed. You may not be the captain of this ship but you’re the one that keeps it full steam ahead. And, when you give you support the Foundation’s Annual Fund, to help provide funding wherever its needed most. You’re such a Pat, and we love you for it!
Pam Zimmerman, Secretary (Epsilon Tau, Middle Tennessee State University)
You’re the sister that everyone trusts and can depend on. When they need a shoulder to cry on or someone to lend an ear, you’re their first call. You care deeply about the well-being of your sisters and encourage them to apply for the Abigail Davis or Clasped Hands fund when times get tough. When you give back, you want to give to help sisters in need and support our emergency grant funds. We love that you're a Pam!
Jennifer Arends, Vice President of Philanthropy (Beta Sigma, Mercer University)
When you learned that “service” was one of Alpha Delta Pi’s core values, you knew you were in the right place. You love to participate in a philanthropy event and volunteer at your local Ronald McDonald House. You rep red and yellow almost as much as you do azure blue and white. You love that new RMHC Endowment because you realize it will help even more RMHCs than we do right now. You’re a Jennifer, through and through.
Sarah Davis-Candeto (Epsilon Psi, Tennessee Technological University)
You’re an advocate. You care deeply about the well-being of your sisters and you’re the first to stand up if something is unjust. Whether it’s hazing prevention or mental health awareness, you’re all-in to make sure that everyone is taken care of and treated fairly. As a donor, you’re like Sarah, who is in tune with what our women are facing on college campuses and want to support education addressing our most immediate needs. That’s pretty awesome.
Bonnie Yamaoka (Alpha Psi, University of Southern California)
The best part of your day is coming home to the Pi Palace. You’ve lived in the house every year and work hard to take care of it. Whether it’s updating the decorations or helping the House Corporation establish a new Housing Fund, you’re the sister that makes the chapter house a home. When you heard the study in the chapter house needed a facelift, you asked your family and friends to give to your chapter’s Educational Housing Fund. Total Bonnie Move.
Amalia Cochran (Zeta Lambda, Texas A&M University)
You’re living your best life and want to help all your sisters live theirs too. The best part about being an ADPi is the opportunity to make a difference. You encourage those around you to go after what they want, no matter what may stand in their way. You are out there talking about the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, introducing others to our cause, and asking them to join you in giving back for an organization you love. You’re such an Amalia. You go, sister!

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