Four Things You Need to Know About the Foundation, If You Don’t Already

July 13th, 2018
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The Foundation sat down with all of the 2018 Summer Interns and posed two very simple questions. “What do you know about us?” and “What do you want to know?” The goal was to educate them on the behind-the-scenes actions of what we do on a daily-basis and over the course of the year. Our hope was to empower them to take this knowledge back to their chapters and inspire a greater philanthropic passion. The conversation proved to be so rewarding for both the Interns and the staff, we felt we should share it with you. Here are the highlights:


The 1851 Violet Circle

Our fabulous Interns knew all about the Foundation’s 1851 Violet Circle, exclusive to undergraduate members. In fact, every one of them is a member and rep this year’s dangle. Their gift of $18.51 or more went to the Foundation’s Annual Fund, our area of greatest need. Thank you, ladies! 



Emergency Grants and Scholarships

The Foundation provides emergency grants to both alumnae and collegiate members, through the Clasped Hands Fund and the Abigail Davis Grant, respectively. When a sister falls on financial hardship, we feel it is our duty to lift her up and empower her to keep moving forward. Our Interns were also aware that the scholarship process takes place through the Foundation. From the moment a scholarship becomes established, through it’s endowment, and continuing on to selecting recipients and disbursing funds, the Foundation oversees the whole process. That is, with the aid of a Scholarship Committee made up of alumnae volunteers whose careers involve working in higher education financial services or a related field. 



Philanthropy Events Can Fund a Chapter’s Scholarship

Speaking of scholarships… This fact shook the room. It turns out that none of our Interns knew this! If your chapter has a scholarship established but has not yet been endowed (meaning it’s reached $25,000), an extra philanthropy event or proceeds from an existing event can help push that fund over the threshold. Once your chapter’s scholarship has reached endowment, the Foundation can begin awarding the $$$!



We’re a Separate Entity from the Sorority and the Housing Corporation

Although we adore our sisters on the second floor of EO, the Foundation (housed on the first floor) is a separate, not-for-profit organization, established in 1983. We do work closely alongside of the Sorority and the Housing Corporation. For example, by proving grants to fund our collegians’ and alumnae volunteers’ leadership training, programs, and so much more. And when a chapter finds the need to build a new chapter house, oftentimes they come to the Foundation to oversee the management of their fundraising efforts.