Decisions, Decisions: Finalizing That Packing List for Leadership Seminar 2018

June 1st, 2018
Filed Under: Leadership Seminar

by Ellen Long Liston, Alpha Kappa

That first decision is always the hardest when you are getting ready for a conference.  No, I’m not talking about when to complete the registration – I’m talking about how to decide what to pack.  However, when the conference involves a meeting of my sisters, that packing list is a lot easier.  Could be because I’ve done it more than 15 times (ok sisters, do not put your math skills to use here – be kind to this “mature sister”!) The real reason is that when you are headed to a destination where you are surrounded by Alpha Delta Pis, ones you already treasure and ones you are about to meet and grow to love, it’s the things that you carry in your heart and mind and not in your carry-on that matter most.

You do need some important material things. Some of the “musts” on your packing list should include:

  • Go ahead right now and find your ADPi badge and put it in your travel kit. While you’re at it, pack all that fun ADPi jewelry that you wish you wore more often. I’ve already pulled out that fun blue bracelet that my bestie since we were initiated beside each other Mimi gave me just because. Wonder what else I can find?
  • Your dancing shoes or dancing boots. We are going to be in Texas after all, and I heard there might be a dance party, which you just know will include some line dancing. Maybe I should throw in a cowboy hat while I’m at it.
  • Something that shows your school pride and/or something that identifies the chapter/school you advise if it’s not the same place. One of the great things about our ADPi sisterhood is connecting with amazing women that you find out are members of your chapter or a place where you have a friend that was in that chapter. You’ll recognize me – I’ll be sporting some Tennessee orange. Remember, on Friday sisters are encouraged to wear their favorite college tshirt!
  • A sweater or jacket is a must. I know they always tell you that, but I literally almost freeze to death in any hotel meeting rooms. The upside is that my diet Coke always stays cold.
  • You’re going to have a chance to meet and have your photo made with Grand Council, and you know you’ll want to share it on Instagram. So bring that cute dress or outfit you’ve been wanting to show off while showing off your cool photo with our super sister leaders! And, don’t forget your blue and white! Sisters from all over will be dressed in their favorite blue and white outfit on Saturday, June 23!

Here are my recommendations for what you really need to remember to have with you at all times during this wonderful time of learning, fellowship and sisterhood when you head to Dallas.

  • An open heart and an open mind. I know when I start in the open mode, great things are the result. And it’s so easy when surrounded by my sisters.
  • Your sense of fun. Once you’ve packed this, you’ll never forgot your dancing shoes and cowboy hat (see above!) As a matter of fact, they’ll become a priority along with an ADPi rhinestone tiara or equally unique attire.
  • Your personal sense of style (which also shines through in that photo with Grand Council). You are the best person at being you – let it shine, sister!
  • Lots of questions and a childlike sense of curiosity. There is so much to learn and learn to do better at this amazing conference that brings so many sisters together. Embrace it and own it and feel the excitement, enthusiasm and energized you that results!

And this packing list is good for any destination. Carry these with you every day in any kind of situation. As long as I have these, my cell phone and my favorite lipstick, I really have everything I need to take any trip. Now, where is that azure blue sweater I always take with me?