Leadership Consultants

I currently work in corporate onboarding and being an LC prepared me for my current role in so many ways! It taught me flexibility, how to better manage multiple projects, and how to think on my feet. I improved my facilitation and public speaking skills and learned how to better manage conflict, change, and multiple stakeholders. Most of all it taught me how powerful the collegiate sorority leadership experience can be in preparing you for your future!

– Tara Innab, 2018-2019 Leadership Consultant 


Each year, Alpha Delta Pi employs Leadership Consultants to support all 159 chapters across the United States and Canada throughout the academic year in areas such as officer training, recruitment, and leadership. At the same time, Leadership Consultants are cultivating valuable professional skills that will continue to serve them after their year of travel.



Desired Majors: All

Eligibility: All initiated members who are upcoming fall, spring, or recent graduates will be considered so long as they are in good standing.

Desired Competencies: Proactive, self-directed, and able to independently solve problems. Customer service oriented with the ability to maintain confidentiality. Outstanding organizational skills, ability to multitask, and prioritize to work effectively in an environment where priorities vary and can shift widely. Must be a self-starter.

Length of Commitment: Summer 2020-Summer 2021

Compensation: Travel and living expenses while on the road, biweekly salary.


To apply to be a 2020-2021 Leadership Consultant, click hereApplications are due November 1st.

For a full description of the Leadership Consultant role, click here.

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For questions or more information, please contact Ginny-Beth Joiner.