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October 10th, 2017
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ADPi alumna, Christina Lombardi, contributes to the creation of a new platform, the void, with the purpose to help and inspire women. 

by Christina Lombardi, Theta Theta – Quinnipiac University

voidlogo“the void” is a platform through which women can connect – it aims to motivate and inspire women through candid conversation about real life experiences and the power of music. The idea for “the void” was conceived by Mikyl Cordova with the sole purpose of helping other women. The moment I heard of the concept, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. In this day in age, I don’t know anyone that couldn’t use some inspiration. And, to take that inspiration and show people how to use it in their everyday life? I don’t think there is anything more fulfilling. She and I felt that for women, there was a real void in the global conversation to share or hear about the important, and sometimes difficult, experiences that women go through to achieve success. Together we feel that we can bring a platform for women into existence that impacts women in a meaningful way.

The goal for “the void” platform is that it will be an inspirational resource for women. Typically, unless you are part of a dedicated club or group, there isn’t a single place to hear, from a very diverse group of women, about the difficult parts of achieving success personally and/or professionally. Sharing real life experiences can show others that they are not alone in the challenges they face. The hope is that through that connection and shared experience, it will help motivate and inspire other women to do the same for themselves and can lead the to a happier, more successful life. We truly believe that powerful, amazing and groundbreaking things can happen when women support one another.

blogphotoWe initially launched with two “gatherings” in NYC this summer, where we had speakers such as Jill Martin of the Today Show; Jaymee Messler of The Players’ Tribune; Lauren Smith Brody, the former Executive Editor of Glamour Magazine; Ellie Burrows, founder of MNDFL meditation studios; and Dr. Marina Catallozzi, one of New York Magazine’s “Best Doctors”. Through these gatherings, women had a chance to connect in person and learn about the experiences of the speakers and share their own.  Ultimately, these “gatherings” will be held around the country to impact women everywhere – from a small town in South Dakota to New York City – and to help women grow, learn from and help one another.

“the void” website launch is in the works for the fall (stay tuned!), and it will feature kick-ass women ranging from celebrities, to CEOs, to the everyday women that are hustling every single day. It’s going to be a hub for all the necessary resources to guide women towards a better, more successful life including a blog and multi-media resources, and recommendations that will help motivate women to make practical steps to move forward.

Please encourage your community to follow the void on social media for our latest updates! We can be found on Instagram: @thevoid_nyc and on Facebook: /thevoidnyc

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